We’re only two games into the regular season, but it’s been a great start for Brooklyn Nets fans.

After making the choice to move away from serious contenders to do their own thing in Brooklyn, Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are finally seeing meaningful NBA minutes together.

It’s worked out well so far, which is great considering that the two are collectively drawing a $72 million salary this year.

In two games against their respective former teams (the Celtics and Warriors), the superstar duo have certainly played in top form. Irving is averaging 31.5 points, four rebounds, and six assists so far while Durant has 25.5 points, five rebounds and three assists.

These performances have come with big victories, too. Their season opener against the Warriors ended with a 125-99 margin, and they had a similar 123-95 beatdown of the Celtics today.

Granted, it’s a very small sample size, but the guard and forward combo has at least finally shown what their potential on the court is. It’s all been hype and speculation until now.

As basketball fans, we can only hope that Durant’s recovery from injury doesn’t cause complications down the line, because he really is such a special player. It’s also good to be reminded that when Irving isn’t up to any antics, he is a mesmerizing basketball player who is nigh-unstoppable when handling the ball.

As a neutral basketball fan, I just want to see more of these games from the Nets. Here’s hoping they stay healthy.