After years of failures and disappointment, LA Lakers big-man Anthony Davis admitted that he’s finally living his dream of competing for a title.

The 6’10” forward from the South Side of Chicago spent his first seven years in New Orleans, donning the Hornets and the Pelicans jersey during his time.

During his time there, Davis established himself as one of the best players in the league. He put up averages of 23.5 points, 10.5 rebounds and two blocks per game during his first seven years.

He was also selected as an All-Star six times and was selected thrice in the All-NBA First team.

The Brow solidified himself as a star that will dominate the league for years. However, despite every individual glory he achieved, what eluded him most is the one big W: a ring.

In his time in New Orleans, Davis only reached the playoffs twice, in 2015 and 2018, and only made it to the second round once. Despite teaming up with guys like Jrue Holiday, Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Rajon Rondo and DeMarcus Cousins at least once during that seven-year span.

Now, in his eighth year, playing for the team that has the record for the most finals appearances (31), the 27-year-old forward from Kentucky University admitted that he is now living the dream of having a deep run and become a legitimate contender to win an NBA title.

“When I left, I just want to be able to compete for a championship and I know moments like this comes with it, especially being in LA. I know the “pressure” is going to be on us, on me,” he said during the postgame interview of Game 2.

“Especially, first year with every that happened last year and also playing alongside Bron (LeBron James), I know he gets criticized more than any basketball player ever, so playing alongside him he kinda helped me with this pressure. This is definitely what I wanted but the job is still not over until we win a ring,” he added.

For the first time in his career, Davis is in a great position to win a title. He’s finally playing alongside someone of James’ caliber and has high quality role players on his team as well.

Davis is showing what he can really do in high pressured moments, averaging 28.5 points, 10 rebounds, 3.7 assists, one steal and one block per game during in this year’s playoffs. He also showed his killer instinct in Game 2 by draining the game-winning shot to give them a 2-0 lead in the series over the Denver Nuggets.

It’s a huge dream. To make it better I kinda wish it happened in Staples Center tonight but to hit a shot like that, it’s still a dream. I’ve never hit a game winner shot like that before, so to do it like that and to be a three, it’s just a special moment for me.

Although, Davis and the Lakers suffered their first loss in the Western Conference Finals in Game 3, 106-114, they still have a 2-1 advantage in the series and are still considered the favorites to reach the Finals.

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