The Brooklyn Nets played against the Indiana Pacers today and one interesting stat shared in-game was the they rolled out their 34th different starting lineup this season.

Even when you take into account all of the trades, injuries, and other reasons, that’s an astounding amount of starting lineups for a conference-leading team with a 43-20 record.

What’s amazing is that no matter the lineup changes, the Nets have just found ways to win consistently. This is especially important considering that their big three have only played seven games together this season so far.


Today’s 130-113 victory against the Pacers showed just how much of a problem Brooklyn’s depth could become if Kyrie Irving and James Harden return healthy for the playoffs.

Kevin Durant led the way today with 42 points, three rebounds, 10 assists and a block on 16 of 24 shooting. While he carried the heaviest load, five other Nets scored in double digits. 

That included a sudden explosion from Alize Johnson, who went off for 20 points, 21 rebounds, three assists, and two blocks.

If it feels like Johnson came out of nowhere, that’s because he turned two 10-day contracts into a permanent deal with the Nets this month.

Their big three’s health has always been the question that’s loomed around the Nets, but we can’t sleep on their bench. Let’s not forget that Blake Griffin has been an effective bench player since being traded.

The Nets are unfairly loaded with talent, not just with Durant, Irving, and Harden. They’re already scary now, but it’s going to be ridiculous if they ever get back to anything resembling full health.

With the Knicks having a resurgence this season as well, New York has suddenly become relevant to the title picture this year. Jay-Z and Spike Lee must be happy as hell.