The Golden State Warriors is the WORST TEAM in the NBA. Sounds funny right? Plagued by injuries, the Dub Nation’s dynasty crumbled last season in the 2019 finals and have now become the worst team in the league with a 15-50 record. That’s worse than the Cleveland Cavaliers. A team that has no superstar on the roster.

In their defense, however, they did lose their superstar duo of Stephen Curry  (broken left hand) and Klay Thompson (ACL) to injury and D’Angelo Russell never got it going which led to him being traded for Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota.

But let’s pause for a moment and try to think, is it really a bad situation for Golden State? You would probably say yes. But, it could actually have been the best-case scenario or them.

Think about it, Thompson suffered a torn ACL during the 2019 NBA finals. Which means he was going to be out for the season. With Kevin Durant taking his talent to Brooklyn, do you really think Curry could’ve carried Golden State to another Finals appearance without a superstar by his side?

Now, you could say Draymond Green is still with him and they were able to sign Russell. Okay, that is a good point, but do you really think their trio could match up against the LA Lakers or La Clippers? Russell played the same position as Curry and to have them both on the floor would have created a defensive nightmare for Steve Kerr.

Back to the topic, with no Curry, no Thompson, a trip to the playoffs is impossible. But that is what made this season the ideal. Imagine giving Golden State a first round pick, a team that has proven that to have a great eye for talent and trading for a versatile young forward in Wiggins AND giving two of the top 10 players in the league an extended rest after playing five straight years in the finals.

According to the 2020 NBA mock draft, the Warriors are projected to have the first overall pick in the draft. So, what should they do it?

The answer is TRADE IT. Yes, I’m fully aware that Golden State’s ability to draft and improve young guys into superstardom is probably the best we’ve seen in recent memory. But let’s be real, do they really have the time and patience to improve a young talent?

Trading their potential first overall pick would make the best sense because they could use it to acquire pieces or in this case, piece. That they need to make another two to three-year title run.

Question now is who should they trade for?

Looking at the roster of the Warriors, their biggest problem is the lack of a defensive Center. A big man that will cover the defensive deficiencies of Curry and Wiggins but will not demand the ball on the offensive end.

The Utah Jazz on the other hand are in a tough situation as their team chemistry suffered horribly after Rudy Gobert tested positive for Covid-19 back in March. He also likely infected superstar Donovan Mitchell who expressed his frustrations afterwards.

Both men eventually recovered from the virus and has stated they’re now in good terms but then again, we don’t know how “good” they’re really are and this could have an effect on the floor. So, trading Gobert to Golden State would make sense because in return the Jazz could have the first overall pick of the draft and take possibly LaMelo Ball or James Wiseman. Two young guys that would be a fit with Mitchell.

The Warriors on the other hand would have the perfect Center for their team that will be instrumental for them if they want to have another shot at winning multiple titles.

Both teams would need to throw in a couple more pieces in real life but if Golden State could pull off this trade, it would not be a surprise to see them back in the title picture for the next five to six years.

Author’s Note: This is an opinion piece. Do share your thoughts in the comments section, and if you think they could get a better deal for Wiggins and the first round pick!