When the season started, one of the questions we had was when Steph Curry would break Ray Allen’s all-time threes record. Now, after putting up 26 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists against the Pacers, with five three-pointers made, it’s almost assured that Curry will add to his section in the NBA lore book in his next game. 

Curry is now two three-pointers away from breaking Ray Allen’s regular-season three-point record of 2,973.

Curry is already the all-time leader in playoff threes, and his current tally of 470 leads LeBron James’ 432. The only other active players on that list are James Harden (341),  Kevin Durant (337), and his soon-to-return splash brother Klay Thompson (374). The club of players who have made more than 300 playoff triples is small, too, with the only other men on that list being Ray Allen (384) Manu Ginobli (324), and Reggie Miller (320).

It seems fitting that Chef Curry gets to break his record in Madison Square Garden. The hallowed court has seen some of the best performances in NBA history, as players love to put on a show in front of that New York Crowd. Steph is no stranger to putting on a show in that building. In 2013, he hit what was then his career-high of 54 points while making 11 triples.

Now, he gets to walk back into that building to confirm his status (not that there was really any doubt) as the greatest shooter that the league has ever seen.


Steve Kerr jokingly said he’d rest his star point guard, but we all know that he’s going to be one of the happiest people in the building when Steph breaks that record.