The 2024 Western Conference finals series between the Minnesota Timberwolves and the Dallas Mavericks continues to be an embarrassment for ‘Wolves center Karl-Anthony Towns. The former No. 1 pick overall in the 2015 NBA Draft looked fantastic in the previous round, as he played a big role in the end of the short-lived reign of the Denver Nuggets as NBA champs. But as soon as the series against the Mavs started, it seemed as though Towns’ shooting prowess had left him.

And along with his continued shooting woes in the Mavs series is the relentless clowning he’s been getting from fans online, especially after another putrid performance in the Timberwolves’ 116-107 road loss to Dallas in Game 3 on Monday.

In Game 3, Towns scored only 14 points while going 5/18 on his field goal attempts. He went full Play-in Tournament Klay Thompson in that same contest, as Towns bricked all of his eight 3-point tries.  So far in the series, Towns is shooting just 27.8 percent from the field and making only a horrendous 13.6 percent of his 3-point shots.

In addition, Towns is currently the owner of one of the most ignominious shooting marks in playoff history.

It’s not a good time for Towns to check out what people on social media are saying about him.

Towns did not help win people’s hearts when he revealed that he was taking 1,500 shots per day and that his shots simply weren’t going in.

It’s just hard to buy such a statement coming from someone who claimed years ago that he was the greatest shooting big man ever. Coincidentally, Dirk Nowitzki was in attendance when KAT repeatedly threw bricks at the basket in Game 3.

“Karl-Anthony Towns is capping. Nobody is shooting 1,500 shots a day right now,” professional hater Draymond Green said after Game 3 about Towns’ 1,500 shots declaration. 

NBA legend Charles Barkley seconded Green’s take.  “First of all, he’s [Towns] lying,” Barkley said.

All Towns can do right now is hope that it’ll be better in Game 4. Considering how he’s been shooting rock against the Mavs, it’s really not that hard to top the lackluster performances he’s shown so far.