Before the start of the Western Conference Finals, I thought the Minnesota Timberwolves would put on a show against the Dallas Mavericks. After witnessing their 45-point win against the Denver Nuggets in Game 6 of their second round series and then their remarkable 20-point comeback in Game 7, it felt like things had just clicked for Anthony Edwards and his team.

What I admittedly didn’t do, though, is give Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving enough credit for how well they’re playing as well. Both of them have been phenomenal, averaging a combined 60.4 points per game. Doncic has shooting splits of 46.4 % / 40.6 % / 87.5% while Irving’s are 52.5%/43.8% /73.7%.

That is WTFBBQ category shooting from the two stars, especially considering that they’re taking a combined 15 three-pointers per game. With the lights shining brightest, the two guards are putting on a show for the ages.

They both have so much gravity that the game becomes so easy for the rest of their teammates, who find wide open threes, lanes with no defenders in it, and all sorts of space everywhere. This has allowed Doncic to average 8.7 assists in the series so far and Kyrie is also dishing out a solid 4.7 dimes.

On TOP of all that, these two guys just have that special ability to not be bothered by any situation that comes up. They’ve seen so much already, with Doncic having been a Euroleague MVP at the age of 19 and Irving being one of the main reasons that LeBron James was able to win a title during their stint together in Cleveland. If there’s a game is close, the Mavericks have two guys capable of black magic fuckery to get an important bucket – and both of them live for those big moments. Irving in particular already has the best playoff closeout game record in history at 14-0 and can push that to 15-0 in Game 4.

Additionally, both guards have their own special reasons to want to win the title this  year. Doncic will further validate his status as one of the top three players in the world and an all-time great with his first ring. Irving would be able to show that he can win without LeBron James and that even if he is controversial off the court, his pure basketball skill is something that you see once in a generation.

While I’ve loved the run that the Timberwolves had to the Western Conference Finals, I have to give Doncic and Kyrie their flowers. There’s been talk about how they could be the most talented backcourt in NBA history, and after seeing what they’ve done over the last three games, I’m starting to become inclined to agree. I’ve got a feeling that it’s going to be a sweep, or at worst a 4-1 series.