We’ve officially gone through over four weeks of non-stop LPL action, and if you weren’t able to catch up with the scores this week, you’re in luck! We’ve summarized the movements of the teams in the leaderboard, and you can now see who moved up, who fell short, and who managed to stand their ground from Week 3’s rankings.

Read on to know where your favorite teams have landed after Week 4 of the LPL 2020 Summer season!

Results (Source: League of Legends Esports Wiki / LPL 2020 Summer Season)


  • Top Esports at 1st place (4-0 series won/lost → 6-0 series won/lost; 8-1 games won/lost → 12-2 games won/lost)
  • Victory Five at 2nd place (3-1 series won/lost → 5-1 series won/lost; 7-4 games won/lost → 11-4 games won/lost)
  • Rogue Warriors at 16th place (0-3 series won/lost → 0-5 series won/lost; 0-6 games won/lost → 1-10 games won/lost)
  • Dominus Esports at 17th place (0-4 series won/lost → 0-6 series won/lost; 0-8 games won/lost → 1-12 games won/lost)

The teams that did not change their rankings are somewhat expected, save for Victory Five who have brought their brand new roster to the test with stellar success. Top Esports is still the rising star that we know they are, and it’s clear that they will continue to rise as time passes.

At the other end of the spectrum, Rogue Warriors and Dominus Esports have yet to show up against their opponents, and the skill gap between them and the rest of the bottom nine teams have become apparent.

Rising Teams:

  • LGD Gaming at 3rd place from 4th place (3-1 series won/lost → 4-1 series won/lost; 6-4 games won/lost → 8-5 games won/lost)
  • Team WE at 4th place from 5th place (3-2 series won/lost → 4-2 series won/lost; 8-5 games won/lost → 10-5 games won/lost)
  • Invictus Gaming at 5th place from 8th place (2-1 series won/lost → 4-2 series won/lost; 4-2 games won/lost → 9-6 games won/lost)
  • Suning at 7th place from 9th place (3-3 series won/lost → 4-3 series won/lost; 7-7 games won/lost → 9-8 games won/lost)
  • JD Gaming at 9th place from 12th place (1-2 series won/lost → 3-2 series won/lost; 3-4 games won/lost → 7-5 games won/lost)
  • Vici Gaming at 11th place from 13th place (1-2 series won/lost → 2-3 series won/lost; 2-4 games won/lost → 4-7 games won/lost)
  • Oh My God at 13th place from 15th place (1-4 series won/lost → 2-4 series won/lost; 4-8 games won/lost → 6-8 games won/lost)

While the rank increase of the rising teams are miniscule, it is given with the fact that competition in the top 8 is extremely tight where teams cannot blink at the heat of battle.

LGD Gaming, Team WE, and especially Invictus Gaming have further solidified their spots for the playoffs, but there are still five weeks more to go. Our new challenger for playoffs is Suning, who jumped from 9th to 7th after their bout with Dominus Esports.

JD Gaming is now at the cusp of entering Top 8 themselves after winning against Dominus Esports and Rogue Warriors in two different occasions. They’ll be facing Team WE and Invictus Gaming in Week 5, which can be their chance to pull themselves up if they can execute well.

Vici Gaming and Oh My God are taking small steps to try to get close to Top 8 after their initial failures, and we’ll see if they can push further with only half of the season remaining to make a comeback.

Falling Teams:

  • Royal Never Give Up at 6th place from 3rd place (3-1 series won/lost → 4-2 series won/lost; 6-3 games won/lost → 8-6 games won/lost)
  • FunPlus Phoenix at 8th place from 6th place (2-1 series won/lost → 3-2 series won/lost; 5-3 games won/lost → 8-5 games won/lost)
  • EDward Gaming at 10th place from 6th place (2-1 series won/lost → 2-3 series won/lost; 5-3 games won/lost → 7-7 games won/lost)
  • eStar at 12th place from 10th place (2-2 series won/lost → 2-4 series won/lost; 6-4 games won/lost → 7-8 games won/lost)
  • LNG Esports at 14th place from 11th place (2-2 series won/lost → 2-4 series won/lost; 4-5 games won/lost → 5-9 games won/lost)
  • Bilibili Gaming at 15th place from 14th place (1-3 series won/lost → 1-4 series won/lost; 3-7 games won/lost → 3-9 games won/lost)

Unfortunately for some teams, they have been outclassed by the rising teams, and as a result, their ranks blew twice as much as those who were promoted.

Royal Never Give Up fell from 3rd to 6th place as a result of their cumulative losses in their 2-1 win against eStar and 0-2 loss against Victory Five. They’re still a team that has the potential to stay in Top 8, however.

FunPlus Phoenix is now at demotion point with the same situation as RNG; a 2-1 win against Invictus Gaming made more of a dent than expected. Their downfall was more of the rising teams doing better, and their lesser amount of matches could be a factor.

eStar and LNG ended up at a worse position than from Week 3. The skill gap in their respective matchups may be the case, but that further cements the reasoning for their current rankings.

Which teams are you hoping to make it to Top 8? Will any of the Top 4 be replaced this Summer season? Let us know!