Kevin Love used to be one of the best big men in the NBA. He’s still a solid big, but his career has already peaked, and right now, it’s just all about maximizing what’s left in his gas tank. At present, Love remains a member of the Cleveland Cavaliers, though there have been numerous rumors floating around about the possibility of the Cavs trading the 33-year-old stretch-four.

If Love is looking to win at least one more NBA ring before father time inevitably beats him, it’s unlikely that he’ll get that as part of the Cavs. Cleveland’s roster is filled with promising young pieces, but it remains to be seen whether that lineup will blossom into a serious title contender. If it eventually does, Love might not even be around The Land anymore. 

The former UCLA Bruin is under contract until the end of the 2022-23 NBA season. He’s reportedly not interested in being bought out, so the only realistic way for the Cavs to part ways with him is through trade, something that Cleveland assistant coach James Posey is very much willing to see.


Via Orel Dizon of Cavaliers Nation:

“He knows what it takes to win, and also just now with him being the older statesman on the team, just showing his leadership value,” Posey said on a recent episode of SiriusXM NBA Radio. “You look at teams that could possibly use his talents. He’s a great shooter. He’s spacing the floor. I just think for an opportunity for him to win another championship, I think teams should look into getting Kevin Love. For him, I think he would be a totally different player just by understanding those things as far as what he brings to the team. Just like I said, learning earlier from LeBron James and his leadership, and also showing his growth and maturity. So physically and mentally, if he’s able, and he’s all right with that, he should be a great player for any team.”

If Love is going to stay a Cavalier, he’ll have plenty of competition for minutes. The Cavs’ frontcourt features holdovers like Dean Wade and Jarrett Allen. Then the team drafted Evan Mobley and acquired Lauri Markkanen, both deserving of playing time.

Love can also just let the kids get most of the minutes while he slides into the role of a vet taking younger teammates under his wing.

Then again, Love is still capable of contributing. Last season, he put up 12.2 points and grabbed 7.4 rebounds per game, while shooting 36.5% from deep. If the Cavs can’t give him significant minutes, it’s probably time for them to seriously find a trade partner to unload him.