Kevin Durant’s been brilliant this season, at least when he’s been able to stay on the court.

Today, against the Miami Heat, a collision with Trevor Ariza took him out of the game with a left thigh contusion after playing just over four minutes.

It’s another setback in an injury-plagued season for the Brooklyn Nets. Their superstar trio of Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving are nigh-unstoppable when they play together, but it seems like the East’s second seed are more likely to get two superstars on the court at one time instead of three.

Harden is currently on the mend too, as he is suffering from a hamstring injury. He tried to come back in a game against the Knicks but also lasted for four minutes before asking to come out of that game. 

This latest blow adds to the Nets’ tumultuous season, especially after they had a much-celebrated signing of LaMarcus Aldridge, who unfortunately had to retire shortly after joining because of a heart problem.

You’ve really got to feel for Aldridge too, who finally had his best shot at a ring, only to find his body betraying him. Quitting was the right choice, especially for his future beyond the NBA, but it just sucks to see someone forced out of the game that way.

When you take a look at the stats, the superstar trio certainly is certainly Brooklyn’s best.

They average 69.4 points together on 53% shooting from the field and 40.9% from beyond the arc. They also combine for 24.4 rebounds, 16.6 assists, 3.4 steals, and 3.9 blocks a game with only 7.7 turnovers.

Unfortunately, Harden, Durant, and Irving have only played a total of seven games together.

There’s not a lot of runway left in the season. We’ll have to see what Brooklyn does leading into the playoffs, and how much more rest the stars will be given. Since there’s no threat to being relegated to the play-in tournament, it wouldn’t be surprising to watch Brooklyn take the safe route and save their stars’ legs for when it matters in the postseason.

There’s still no guarantee that they’ll stay healthy in the playoffs, though. As a basketball fan, I hope they do. We’ll just have to see.