The Ben Simmons saga is far from over. Even though Simmons is still with the Philadelphia 76ers, it is becoming more and more apparent that he’s likely going to be in a different uniform sooner than later. Perhaps nothing says more about the major disconnect between Simmons and the Sixers than the swirling rumors that the former LSU Tigers star will not be showing up for Philly’s training camp this offseason if a deal that would send him away from the City of Brotherly Love is not hammered out. 

However, that doesn’t mean that the Sixers will be pulling the trigger on such a trade anytime soon. According to Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report, there is an “overwhelming sense among league insiders” that Simmons will still be with the Sixers once the new season kicks off. 

Teams like the Minnesota Timberwolves, Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Sacramento Kings have been among the top rumored landing spots for Simmons, though an actual trade has yet to materialize. In addition to that, at least one scout believes that there’s no such thing as a perfect team today for Simmons.

Via Paolo Uggetti of The Ringer:

“Simmons’s value, though, is almost secondary to the fact that his unique style (a defense-first player who isn’t a threat to shoot and has a non-traditional impact on both ends) makes finding a fit difficult. Not to mention that the lasting image teams have of him from last season is his passing up the easiest shot on the court. That’s why, even though a trade seems more likely than not, it may be a while before it happens.

“To be honest, there’s really no ideal place for him,’ one Eastern Conference scout said.”

Simmons has become an enigma in the NBA. On one hand, his mix of size and playmaking ability easily makes him a tantalizing asset for any team to have. But on the other hand, his reluctance to shoot from the perimeter is pulling his stock down on the trade market. On top of that, in the rare times when he takes a jumper, it almost always results in a brick. Just last season, Simmons, only 0.3% of his field-goal attempts were taken from 16 feet and beyond. And on those shots, he made just 30% of them. Simmons further aggravated his value with the stinker he put up in the 2021 NBA Playoffs, particularly in the second-round loss to the Atlanta Hawks.

Don’t expect this to be the last thing you will hear about Ben Simmons this offseason. There will surely be more to come in the next days and weeks.