The annual buyout market season has arrived and this year’s list of players is one of the most compelling ones in recent memory. 

Spencer Dinwiddie is the headliner of this group as his profile as a versatile 6’5 guard is quite appealing to a number of teams in the playoff hunt who are looking to make an upgrade. After being traded from the Brooklyn Nets to the Toronto Raptors who then waived him, Dinwiddie was immediately seen watching the Dallas Mavericks, with whom he played for from 2021 until early 2023, then the Los Angeles Lakers on the following day.

Dallas seems to be the leader in this race as Dinwiddie already has experience playing for them and they can also sign him to a contract worth up to $5.3 million which is significantly more than the $1.5 million that Los Angeles can offer. What is working in the Lakers’ favor, on the other hand, is that Dinwiddie hails from Los Angeles. They can also dangle the opportunity to play alongside LeBron James who may be at the tailend of his career, but is unquestionably one of the greatest players in league history.

The decision of Dinwiddie may ultimately boil down to which team he believes has a stronger chance at winning the NBA Championship. The Mavericks and the Lakers are neck and neck in the West standings at eighth and ninth place, respectively, so Dinwiddie’s assessment of both situations will be the crucial factor here. 


Another point guard who is likely to join the buyout market is the 37-year-old Kyle Lowry who was traded by the Miami Heat to the Charlotte Hornets. Lowry, a 2019 NBA Champion with the Toronto Raptors, is no longer the player that he used to be, but his veteran leadership is invaluable to up-and-coming contenders. If the Hornets do decide to waive Lowry, the Philadelphia 76ers are said to have the most interest in signing the six-time NBA All-Star to serve as their back-up point guard. 

Former Detroit Pistons point guard Killian Hayes is also available on the buyout market, but is unlike most players available at this point in the season. While tenured veterans who land on rebuilding teams are usually the ones waived following the flurry of moves at the NBA Trade Deadline, Hayes is still only 22 years old and four seasons removed from being the seventh overall pick of the 2020 NBA Draft. 

Hayes is an adequate playmaker and has averaged 5.2 assists over his 210-game NBA career, yet his inability to consistently hit shots made it difficult for him to carve a niche with the Pistons. Fortunately, his youth should allow him to find a new home and the San Antonio Spurs, Toronto Raptors, and Utah Jazz, are among those reportedly considering him. 

The Spurs seem to have a strong chance at landing him as they are now building around Hayes’ fellow Frenchman Victor Wembanyama. They are currently under no pressure to win as well which would give Hayes some leeway to grow into his role.

As the NBA’s buyout market unfolds, it will be interesting to see which teams gunning for a postseason spot can upgrade their rosters before the homestretch of the regular season. Dinwiddie instantly improves whatever team signs him while Lowry can provide an inexperienced team with quality leadership–and minutes–that could help them mature on the fly. 

Monitoring Hayes’ next destination will be a colorful storyline too as he enters a make-or-break situation with regards to his future as an NBA player.