For a while now, talks of former MVP James Harden being traded to Miami from Houston have been heating up.

Well, to be fair, it’s not just the Heat. There’s Brooklyn and Philadelphia as well. But today I’ll focus on the team in South Beach.

The mutual interest for Harden and Miami is there. As a matter of fact, the interest so high that the trade package that the Heat is willing to send will revolve around Tyler Herro and Duncan Robinson, two young guns who balled out of their minds last season.

Fans (including me), have been wondering if the trade should go down in the first place.

One of the biggest assets of Miami last season and heading into the upcoming season is their team chemistry. With Jimmy Butler, Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, Goran Dragic and Udonis Haslem being the leaders that guide young guns Bam Adebayo, Kendrick Nunn, Herro and Robinson, the team looked and played as a cohesive unit.

Hence why it’s a shock to many that the Heat is considering blowing up that team chemistry in exchange for a Hall of Fame caliber who is an unproven in the NBA Finals.

Then again, it’s Harden, one of the deadliest scorers in the history of the game. So, I guess that’s enough reason.

So, how should the trade look like? Well, I fired up the trade machine and here’s a package that would makes sense for both teams.

The Rockets will only give up Harden, another piece or two from them would put the team in a much deeper hole.

As of the moment, Houston already has their point guard in John Wall but additional talents for the wings and the bigs are greatly needed.

Miami should build package with of Herro and Robinson with the addition of Meyers Leonard and Kelly Olynyk.

Obviously, Herro and Robinson are the key players, but the addition of Leonard and Olynyk will be a big key as well of the Rockets.

The two bigs have proven their toughness, hustle on the boards and they can also shoot as far as the three-point line, that’s why they would be a quality pick up if the trade happens.

This trade still can’t happen now however, as Olynyk still has a player-option which means Miami still needs to secure while Leonard just recently signed which means he has a three-month no trade clause.

Now, let’s talk about if this trade should happen.

Miami, in my opinion, don’t need Harden as bad as he needs them.

Last season, the Heat with Butler and Adebayo reached the NBA Finals and pushed the mighty Lakers to six games with an injury-riddles lineup.

This season, you can only assume that the young core in Adebayo, Herro, Robinson and Nunn would only get better to a level that will be enough to continue competing for the title.

However, I believe that Miami need to add some pieces thanks to Washington and Brooklyn boosting their line ups.

Despite that, I don’t think that the Heat would need to give up their future for a big change.

That doesn’t mean Miami wouldn’t want to have Harden on board. I mean, even Butler gave a neutral statement about the matter.

“I think that he’s a hell of a player, I like the group that we have and to tell you the truth, I just want the guy to be happy. That’s what life is about, that’s what the game is about and yea, so I liked the post,” he said.

As for Harden, he openly admitted that he wants out and he wants Miami.

The way I see it, he’d be a fit for the stage in South Beach. With his scoring, Butler’s two-way game and Adebayo being the beast in the paint. It’s a trio that would have a championship window of at least 2-3 years.

However, that could mean that Houston will be bounced out of the playoff picture, especially with how tough the West is.

Nevertheless, this trade would be a win for Miami. I can’t say the same for Houston.

If Pat Riley were to ask me, though, I’d tell him just add some other pieces. Harden might become his downfall.

Would you want to trade for Harden? Sound off below in the comment section!