Another big-money fight for Manny Pacquiao looks to be on the horizon after Conor McGregor announced that he’d be fighting the Filipino boxing legend.

According to Fox Sports, Pacquiao’s special assistant Jayke Joson also confirmed the fight.

While Pacquiao will be 42-years-old by the time he faces the trash-talking Irishman, he will not doubt still be the favorite in the fight thanks to his years of experience in the ring.

McGregor’s professional boxing comprises of one solitary fight: a clash with Floyd Mayweather Jr. that ended in a tenth round TKO victory for the American.

That August 26, 2017 fight was the second-most watched boxing PPV in history, trailing only behind the long-awaited Pacquiao vs. Mayweather fight that took place in On May 2, 2015.

One thing is for certain: McGregor will go out of his way to sell the fight. We’re going to probably have to deal with a bunch of antics.

The talk is certainly heating up, but we’ve been teased with megafights and left high and dry before.

I, for one, would love to see this fight happen.