Kyrie Irving went ballistic just over a week ago, when he scored 50 points on 19 shots in a 132-121 victory over the Charlotte Hornets. In that game, he had 20 points by halftime.

In his latest game, against the Orlando Magic, he was on pace to beat that mark, considering that he had 41 points at the half. He shot an incredible 14 of 19 from the field and 6 of 7 from three, plus making all seven of his free throws. He already had a blistering 16 points in the first quarter, then followed that up with 25 more in the second. It was the most a player had scored in a half since Devin Booker dropped 51 points in the second half on the way to a 75-point game.

This was one of those historical performances that had viewers focused on a single player. No one else on that court mattered, and I barely even noticed that the Nets had an 86-56 lead at halftime.

It honestly felt like he couldn’t miss, and even hit another three right off the catch like he did against the Hornets. Turnaround treys also seemed to be of no consequence to Irving.


Irving broke the 50-point mark with an and-one play with 4:48 left in the third that gave him 51 points. He broke his former personal best of 57 with by making a three-pointer to make it 60 points with 8:32 left in the fourth quarter. It was also, coincidentally, a Nets franchise record. He sat shortly after, also adding six rebounds, four assists and four steals to his total stat line.

The Brooklyn Nets only had nine players available for the game, which meant that everyone would have to play extended minutes, and Irving took full advantage of the extended game time. He played 21 minutes in the first half and finished with 35 minutes played.

Today marked the first time teammates had scored at least 50 in consecutive games, as Durant had 53 against the Knicks. If these two get to play together for a full seven game series, along with Ben Simmons, the Nets might re-earn their status as title favorites at the start of the season.

I’m not going to remember that the game finished 150-108. However, I’m always going to remember watching him score 60 points. As much shit as I give him, I have to give him props for how he played today. There’s absolutely no doubt that the NBA and Nets will lobby even harder for Irving to be able to play home games now.