Dennis Schroder is feeling on top of the world right now. After all, he just cemented his legacy and place in German basketball history by leading his country to a title win in the 2023 FIBA World Cup in Manila. He was the tournament’s best team’s best player. He can drink all the San Miguel Pale Pilsen and Red Horses he wants now that he’s added “World Champion” to his basketball resume.

But he’s still out there demanding respect.

“Basketball is such a great sport, I wish we’d get our respect,” Schroder said after the Germans took care of business in the championship game against the Serbians (via BasketNews). “In the next European Championship and next year in Paris, I wish every game will be on TV. But we see the steps.”

Schroder, however, was referring not to his basketball peers and hoops experts but to the coverage of Germany’s games back in their native land where their battles in the FIBA World Cup were not entirely shown for free.  Moreover, only the title game versus Serbia was broadcast on national TV back home.

Germany is and will always be a football-mad nation. It is not going to be a basketball-first nation overnight like Lithuania. But what Schroder and company did in the Philippines was a huge step in the right direction for hoops culture in Deutschland.

“When I started 10 years ago, of course, we had Dirk Nowitzki, but other than that, people didn’t know who was on the team,” Schroder added. “Now, when we go to the Philippines or Okinawa, everybody knows our team. Germans, as well, start recognizing what we’re doing for the country representing. We want our respect as well.”

With Schroder leading the squad, the Germans went a perfect 8-0 from start to finish of the tournament. He came away with the best efficiency on the team with 17.6 as well as the highest points (19.1 PPG) and assists (6.1 APG) averages.