As another season comes, we fans are eagerly waiting to see which players are going to elevate their game into star status. The 2023-24 campaign appears to hold a special promise for Philadelphia 76ers guard Tyrese Maxey, as he stands on the precipice of a new, bright chapter in his fourth year in the league. 

Drafted 21st overall by the 76ers in the 2020 NBA Draft, the 22-year-old dynamo is poised to take the next step, which is possibly earning that first All-Star nod. With teammate James Harden’s trade request looming over the team, Maxey’s role in the team might significantly evolve, giving him a chance to shine even brighter.

Hopefully, we’ll indeed witness an improvement in playmaking. It’s a key piece in his progression.

Nevertheless, Maxey’s ascent in the league has not gone unnoticed. His quick feet and incredible speed makes him one of the fastest players in the NBA, leaving defenders in the dust as he races down the court. All that, combined with his ability to score in bunches, shoot from outside, and attack the basket with finesse, has made him a force to be reckoned with, especially in transition. Last season, he showcased his scoring ability by registering 20.3 points per game, setting a new career-best. It’s obvious that he’s just getting started and have more in the chamber.

The potential departure of Harden opens up a world of scoring and overall ball-handling opportunities for the young guard, possibly a free reign on offense. If the trade materializes, Maxey would likely step into the role of the clear-cut second option behind the reigning NBA MVP, Joel Embiid. Their playing styles complement each other seamlessly, with that classic guard speed and agility complementing the assertive big man’s dominant presence inside the paint. This synergy promises to create a well-rounded offensive powerhouse that can strike from both inside and outside the key, giving nightmares to opposing teams.

The Sixers’ new head coach, Nick Nurse, renowned for his defensive acumen, might be the missing piece in Maxey’s development puzzle. Nurse’s expertise and focus on defensive strategies could potentially transform the suspect defense into a valuable asset. Under such guidance, Maxey has the opportunity to refine his defensive skills, making him an even better-rounded player on the court.

However, as promising as the future seems, the onus is on Maxey to capitalize on these opportunities and potential changes. He possesses all the essential tools: speed, agility, scoring ability, and a willingness to improve. The ingredients for success are there, but it will require dedication, hard work, and a relentless drive to reach new heights in his career.

With the possibility of a more prominent role within the team and the guidance of a defensive-minded coach, Maxey has the potential to not only be a vital asset for the Philadelphia 76ers but also a contender for his first All-Star appearance. The stage is set, the opportunity is there – now, it’s up to the kid to put it all together and make his mark on the league. The basketball world waits in anticipation, eager to witness the rise of a new star.

Maxey taking a “leap” has become an annual narrative, especially in the Sixers fan base, and although he hasn’t become a bona fide star yet, he has simply evolved every year, and that’s better than most young guys. The coming year is pretty wide open too, potentially as open as it has ever been.