After looking like it’s going to be an underwhelming series, the 2020 NBA Finals are slightly changing directions. The Miami Heat gained plenty of momentum following their 115-104, upset win in Game 3, and they may be getting some more for Game 4.

Shams Charania of The Athletic reported earlier today that the status of injured Heat All-Star, Bam Adebayo, has been upgraded:

Adebayo, as you may remember, was injured early in the second half of Game 1, when he collided with Los Angeles Lakers big man, Dwight Howard.

Here’s a quick refresher. It’s pure muscle on pure muscle, and it was like two vending machines clashing, with Howard being the better built machine:

The Heat workhorse has missed the last two games of the finals, and fans are now anxiously waiting for his return. He left a big hole in the team’s inside presence on both ends of the floor, especially since he’s the main guy in the zone and the one to strongly challenge Laker stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James whenever they come down the lane.

The Game 3 win makes the potential return even more interesting

The playoffs have allowed the Heat to prove how talented and well-rounded they really are, but most were probably didn’t see that surging Game 3 performance coming.

The offense clicked and the defense had a certain aggressiveness to it, so by game’s end, they won by double digits, Jimmy Butler had a 40-point triple-double, and key foe Anthony Davis, arguably the most talented big man in the game today, was held to just nine shots.

So, with that, one can only imagine how hyped and inspired the Heat squad will be if Adebayo is able to suit up while they are riding this good momentum. He’ll bring defensive versatility and dribble hand-offs back, which has been very important for the team’s success.

Prior to getting hurt, Bam was doing it all for Miami. He was averaging 18.5 points, 11.4 rebounds, 4.9 assists, and 1.2 steals on 57.1% shooting heading into the finals, and had been effective in his interior defense, putbacks, and short, quick jumpers in the paint.

With or without Bam, though, everyone is well-aware that the pressure is now on the Lakers, and they’ve responded strongly to all of their previous losses in the 2020 postseason. The Heat must know to keep pushing forward.

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