You’ve seen Top Esports’ supreme gameplay, G2 Esports’ insane role swapping effectiveness, the uprising of Damwon and DRX, and the new blood FlyQuest. They all are strong teams in their own regions, but there’s always the timeless question: Which team is the best of the best League of Legends team?

It’s almost time for Worlds 2020, and what better time to answer the age-old question than now with the biggest League of Legends tournament? We’ve looked at the major regions in Worlds, and we have handpicked the teams that are making quite a name for themselves in their local scene, as well as the dark horses you should keep your eyes on.


LPL’s Top Esports

A debate on which team is the best is won’t be complete without the talk of the town: Top Esports. As the LPL’s 1st seed, they have shown their mettle not just in China, but in the entire world as well.

Debuting in 2019, Top Esports slowly crept their way up the ranks, peaking in 2020 as the LPL dream team. The strength of each member equates to a whole team, and Top Esports is basically five teams worth of professional players made into one team. In particular, JackeyLove as the team’s bot carry and the resident mid laner Knight are key carries that can perfectly translate leads into wins.

LCK’s Damwon Gaming

Damwon Gaming has been a participant of the LCK for years, but this is the year for a new generation of pro players to take up the mantle for the Korean scene. They put effort when it counts, jumping them from their top 8 placements in the past couple of months and back to 1st place in the Summer season.

Their strength comes from their proficiency with meta champions, coupled with their flawless execution. DWG is home to Nuguri and ShowMaker, who are few of the most proficient when it comes to mechanical gameplay. With a strong game sense, they are able to play quickly and seal the enemies’ chances for comebacks.

LEC’s Fnatic

Fnatic isn’t Europe’s first seed, but as one of the longstanding veterans in the competitive scene, the team exponentially grows every passing season. As Europe is home to the Western teams that can go toe-to-toe with the East, it is likely that Fnatic can give the other regions a challenge.

Fnatic’s players have a surprisingly diverse champion pool—a perfect trait to add a little chaos in the conventions of organized play. They are quite the strategists in the draft phase, demonstrating powerful counterpicks when they are on red side. Surely they can become a contender for the Summoner’s Cup if they can make their teamfighting better.

LCS’ FlyQuest

While FlyQuest is the 2nd seed for the LCS, don’t be fooled by their seeding. Their close fight with Team SoloMid, along with their track record, shows that NA is bringing two strong competitors to the Worlds 2020 group stage.

The prospect of an NA team that’s not Cloud9 reaching Worlds Top 8 may be just a fantasy, but with Cloud9 falling short in the Summer playoffs, FlyQuest might be the next best thing. They are a well-rounded team that doesn’t necessarily perform best in one core aspect. Rather than settling for one win condition, their jack-of-all-trades style of play allows them to mix up their strategies for longer sets.

Dark Horses of the Group:

LPL’s Suning

Out of all the teams in Worlds, Suning is the manifestation of a solid team. SofM and Angel are the artists of the team as they find creativity in their structured style of play. They push for consistent and optimal picks, and those are what make up their solid foundations.

Suning hails from the explosive region of the LPL, carrying their perfected solid playstyle through the charts across the Summer season. While they are no JDG or TES, take note that they are an LPL team, and LPL teams have established themselves to be a tough wall since 2018.

LCK’s Gen.G

Gen.G is a team composed of strong individual talent, coupled with aggression. Bdd is one of the few players in the world who can execute well with calculated aggression, and him being a midlaner already puts pressure on the map the moment he disappears from the minimap.

Ruler and Life might be the strongest Korean bot lane duo, even beating DWG’s Ghost and BeryL. Oftentimes a snowballing bot lane can dictate the majority of the game, and it will be likely that Gen.G will use this fact to surprise their foes.

Concluding Thoughts

These are the teams that we believe will catch the attention of many. It is unfortunate that Vietnamese teams cannot play for Worlds 2020 due to the travel restrictions, as the region that has made quite the progress despite not being one of the major regions.

Who are your top picks and dark horses for Worlds 2020? Who are you rooting for to take the Summoner’s Cup home?