Another online Major to be hosted by ESL is hitting the DOTA pro scene. It will be composed of a couple of combined regions. Expect a ton of exciting DOTA 2 action this August as ESL adds this tournament on top of Omega League. In case you missed the Omega League announcement, you can click here to find out more about it.

ESL ONE Thailand powered by Intel has coordinated with Thailand’s Ministry of Tourism & Sports and the Sports Authority of Thailand to make this event come to life for players, fans and the entire DOTA community.

Senior VP Product at ESL, Ulrich Schulze, expressed his excitement on the event release saying: “We are very excited to bring some of the world’s best Dota 2 players together for this online competition, which will pave the way for live events in Thailand in the future. By hosting the event online we are able to cross borders to unite players and fans even in those challenging times, and we are proud to have collaborated with the Ministry of Tourism & Sports and the Sports Authority of Thailand to provide local Thai players the chance to compete against some of Asia’s best pro Dota 2 teams.”

Minister of Tourism and Sports of Thailand, Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, also added that “Bringing esports to Thailand does not only grow the local esports environment but will also attract more and more people to engage with sporting activities that this country offers for tourists worldwide in the future.”

The Americas will kick things off starting August 8 and will run until August 30, 2020. This division will have a total of eight teams competing for the $65,000 prize pool. Participants will be composed of six directly invited teams plus two teams coming off of the qualifiers that will start on July 28. The group stage will be played in a single best-of-three round-robin with the top four teams to advance into the playoffs. The playoffs will then be played in a double elimination format, all playoff games will be done in a best-of-three except for the grand final which will be played in a best-of-five.

Things are looking more exciting than usual for the Asian division as we will be seeing the China region and the South East Asia region merge into a single bracket of 12 teams who will look to battle it out for the $135,000 prize pool. Eight teams will be receiving direct invites from ESL, two slots will be reserved for teams coming off of the open qualifiers which will run from August 13 to 16, while the two remaining slots will be filled with Thailand’s representative from their local DOTA scene which will be determined by the ESL Thailand Championship 2020 season one which will run from July 26 to August 12. The group stage will also be played in a best-of-three single round-robin format, eight teams will advance to the playoffs in a double elimination bracket. All playoff games will also be played in a best-of-three with the grand final to be played in a best-of-five just like the Americas.

Teams are yet to be determined but expect ESL to start unveiling the teams to receive direct invites over the coming weeks. Will we see Thailand’s local DOTA representatives bring home the trophy against the top-tier teams in the Asian division? Stay tuned to find out as events unfold in the coming weeks.